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Everything starts from Innovation

Velticon supports businesses and R&D projects since 2012. We implement Business Valuation, Research Projects, Acquisitions, Consolidations, and Spin-offs on a win-to-win basis. We have gained expertise in establishing and co-fund international consortiums and public-to-private partnerships to submit research proposals to European Union calls. With calls for proposals, the Commission selects, on a competitive basis, organisations or natural persons to implement projects co-financed by the EU.
We offer ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) management, and Carbon Trading Consulting (EU-ETS) services, to energy units and transport (mainly shipping) companies. If you are an investor looking for investment opportunities in areas such as energy efficiency, transport, healthcare, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure, arts and culture or financing SMEs, we offer a broad choice of viable projects and tender opportunities.
With our Mar2Invest, Software as a Service, we support organizations achieve their goals, improving efficiency, securing funding, and navigating regulatory challenges. Consistency, credibility, and visibility are key when we report any project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Velticon is the ideal scale-up business partner in European Markets.

We support innovative enterprises develop their scientific and technological breakthroughs, turning them into viable products and services with real commercial potential. Velticon is a project promoter that reaches potential investors worldwide. We promote any eligible project in the most important funding platforms and boost its visibility to a large network of international investors!
Contact us to find mentoring and financing tools that you need by submitting your project for peer valuation via our network with the support of European Union and collaborating EU lobbyists.
We are teaming up with private equity, research institutions, universities, funds, industry stakeholders, and investors so as to join research and business partnerships. With our expertise across industries, our consultants collaborate closely with clients to drive sustainable growth and create lasting added value. Our commitment to excellence, innovative thinking, and client satisfaction sets us apart.

Our vision is to be a true business enabler and developer, demonstrating a holistic, tailormade and well-balanced mix of all critical services required to safeguard the success of governmental and private projects with tenacity.

Velticon has long been home as the most efficient gateway to Europe, for international companies wanting to operate their regional headquarters from Cyprus or Greece.

For the years to come, our strategic plan is to build a network offering industry-specific workshops and webinars under the title: “Mastering Strategic Restructuring for land-based industries and shipping companies”.
Velticon will host a series of workshops and webinars focused on strategic restructuring tailored to specific industries. Since we frequently work with tech startups, the above workshops will align with “Strategic Pathways for Scaling Tech Ventures.” Our workflow is based on:
Customized Content
Expert Speakers
Interactive Workshops
Webinar Series
Tailored Industry Solutions
Networking Opportunities
Resource Materials
Early Bird and Bundle Discounts
Feedback and Improvement

By focusing on industry-specific workshops and webinars, our vision is to position Velticon as not only a provider of services but also a source of industry knowledge and expertise. This will attract businesses seeking specialized insights and solutions, ultimately leading to increased sales and a stronger market presence.