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Are you a qualified professional in area of expertise such as Business & Entrepreneurship, Banking/Finance, Accounting/Finance, Consulting, Advisor or Coach, Marketing & Sales, Virtual assistant, SEO, PR, Health & Fitness, Professional Writer, Law, Tax, or other?

For Velticon Ltd, most white-collar jobs today only require Internet access. Being in the office isn’t as necessary when you can email, chat, and join video conferences anywhere in the world. We are looking for online collaborations.

If you are an expert, literally in any area, there are people who want to hear your opinion and learn from your experience. Explore the categories with Velticon and offer your advice in the ones relevant to your profession or experience. For example, if you have managed a small business, offer your consultations under Business or Marketing categories. If you are an accountant, note that budgeting and finances are the nightmare of many entrepreneurs; no wonder countless businesses are looking for ways to outsource these complex tasks. If you are good with numbers and have accounting experience to show, your clientele is surely out there, even better if you have legal knowledge, like setting up a business, preparing contracts or registering your trademark. This may be a skill relevant in your location, but still highly in demanded. The functions of a virtual assistant can range from simple tasks like data entry or transcribing conversations to more complex web research and analysis, lead generation, in-depth LinkedIn search and accounting. Start by defining your expertise and offering it Velticon Ltd. The wider your skill set and the better your reviews, the more likely you are to earn substantial amounts by working on-line. If you are a connoisseur of social media, you can create service packages that Velticon Ltd. could buy from you.

Are you passionate about your area of expertise? We seek for high calibre professionals that share the same passion.

Do you wish to share your expertise and experience with innovative entrepreneurs and help them succeed?

Then think about joining the Velticon Ltd.’s team of Business Consultants/Accelerators. We are looking for autonomous, motivated and committed associates.

Our mission is to help clients succeed in their business activity. We do so by providing top quality professional services meeting best practices.


  1. Member of a professional body such as ACCA, CIA, CFA, CIM, ICAEW or equivalent professional experience in the subject matter.
  2. Excellent presentation and communication skills.

If you see yourself in the above, please email your CV to: