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Velticon considers the needs and preferences of each market and adjusts our selling model Marketing strategy and business agreements accordingly. We work with local partners or distributors to promote and sell the Mar2Invest software in new markets, depending on local needs and requirements.

License: A license is offered for the Mar2Invest software, where customers pay for the license and the period they will use it. The price is based on a variety of factors, such as the number of users or the extent of features provided.

Consumption units: We charge customers based on the actual use of the Mar2Invest software or data stored. Consumption units corresponding to specific functions or parameters of the system may be defined and customers pay based on these units.

Subscription: Customers can be offered a unique renewable subscription package that includes Mar2Invest software and support services. Customers pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to access the software and get the support they need.

For more information reach out to Velticon today and let our experts guide you towards special offers. Contact us at the attached form, and we will be delighted to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you in achieving your personalized database model and your reporting objectives.

Are you a qualified professional in areas of expertise such as ESG expert, database programming, accounting/finance, and business consulting?

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