Business Services

As a business developer, VELTICON Ltd having its head office in Cyprus would suggest for any entrepreneur to establish a new business operation from there since it is considered the Gateway to markets in Europe and in the Middle East, this would be affected with our assistance. At the same time our office in Athens would act as subsidiary / sales reps supporting the whole business development. It should be noted that Cyprus is more favourable for tax oriented initiatives.

Having a team of experts, we can assist in transforming all corporate goals to reality, therefore we can identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture opportunities; we can provide expert guidance on the preparation of technical documents including prospectus and business reports, and in tax planning. The services our firm provides include tax advice, tax planning and litigation concerning international and domestic aspects of company tax, income tax and VAT.

VELTICON Ltd provides the opportunity to extend your activities in Cyprus, giving you the ability to have advisory and accounting tracking and organization.

Cyprus offers a number of advantages for setting up a company such as the reduction of tax rates, global profile and potential extroversion, low accounting costs, easy management of the company, reduced business risk, low capital and more.

The process of founding – setting up an LTD in Cyprus is ideal for all of all business activities such as investment companies , shipping companies, companies providing services, online stores, participatory companies – holding companies, imports – exports inside and outside the E.U. and more.

The Cyprus corporate tax regime, in addition to the low tax rate (12,5%) offers tax exemptions, deductions for expenses and tax losses relief.

High Tech Spectrum

VELTICON Ltd has access to 16 European Union approved proposals of Horizon 2020 funded projects on research and innovation to support IT advanced technologies; for which it is looking for investors / buyers to capitalize and discount, benefiting from the approved budgets under commercial agreements; joint venture (which could include partnership) or acquisition agreements. The above projects have a life span for the next 3 years anticipating that more projects will be added.

VELTICON Ltd, with long-lasting experience in the research and development of quality risk assessment econometric platforms, seeks foreign financial agreements with an industry investor and commercial agency or distributors agreements, for participating in the forthcoming Horizon Europe calls as partner or/and subcontractor.


e-MCS ( e-Medical Care Services ) web platform. In the framework of HORIZON-EUROPE proposal a multinational consortium, led by VELTICON Ltd, active in Health econometrics modelling, decision making in precision medicine and business modelling, is looking for industrial and research partners from Europe and abroad. The proposal’s main objective is to set-up a novel computing platform for medical, diagnostic and prime care services. The services incorporate last generation medical technologies oriented towards clinical outcomes, cost efficiency, people’s comfort and well-being. The primary intended product purpose is large data sets of medical samples for epidemics, viruses and cancer diagnosis. The consortium’s members are looking for:
– laboratories
– companies as end-users
– start-ups with clinical trial patterns

Maritime Development

VELTICON Ltd, a marine business development accelerator from Cyprus is searching for investors under financial and technical agreement in order to help extend its business, for constructing small–medium aluminium multipurpose boats mainly floating ambulances and prime care emergency units for remote areas, as it needs funds to develop abroad as well as to increase its production volumes for specific customers.

Real Estate Options

VELTICON Ltd, an innovative company from Cyprus supported by a fully operating in the real estate department has clients seeking to sell or rent immovables in Greece and Cyprus. The company is looking for European real estate partners willing to open their portfolio of flats and houses via services agreement, via specialisation in real-estate high profile, covid-19 free co-working and co-living business spaces and apartments, in Athens-Greece areas;  finding international partners to engage in joint innovation projects regarding financing models for co-working and co-living, smart village and sustainable mobility. Ideally, the partner could be active in the area of co-working in city areas and should be eager to develop innovative projects to enhance regional value creation under a research and/or service cooperation agreement. We already have on offer 4 premises of high profile to start with.

Information Technologies

As consultants to the National Technological University of Athens / School Of Physics we have captured and developed the idea of a robust, independent, alternative navigation instrument to Satellite/GPS in order to avoid disruption to especially weak signals and eliminating cyber security threats, thus avoiding severe problems to ship navigation and port security. The device will calculate the position by observing natural phenomena without interacting with external technical sources; while the system incorporates, among others Compton Camera technology.

Astro.Po.S (Astrophysics Positioning System) is an earth coordinates finder system for sea going vessels, based on “γ-ray” imaging of celestial discrete sources in the low energy domain.  The department of Physics was based on a tomo-scintigraphic, portable γ-Camera System with high sensitivity and resolution for clinical use, based on Position Sensitive Photomultiplier Tubes and pixelated scintillation crystals.

Simulation studies based on the Monte-Carlo package GEANT4 developed at CERN using the software interface GATE (Geant4 Application for Tomographic Emission) for collimator design and the general efficiency improvement of the imaging instrumentation. Our idea has reached above TRL 4 and we need to submit for financing for a proof of concept demo instrument which will be tested and proved. The idea has received the “Seal of Excellence” from the EU, and we (VELTICON Ltd.) own the IP rights.

Having said the above, our question to you is: Can you, undertake the completion of the device to the commercialization level?

Can we explore other parameters for the industrial design and commercialization of such an instrument together?