Maritime Sector

Marine/Shipping Business & Security Services

Establishing or Improving the Regulator’s IT Security Compliance Requirements

Velticon Ltd. offers consulting services to assist Governments in establishing or improving IT Security Compliance requirements and frameworks, intended to be utilized by National Authorities, in the course of imposing IT Security and Information Security rules within the State.

  • Digital Security Informatics as a Service. Encrypt and Secure transfer a package without corruption, vulnerability and package change (Block-chain technology)
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Maritime Security & Surveillance

The Maritime Industry is without doubt one of the most demanding, if not the most demanding in which to operate. Our experience in the Maritime industry gives us the liberty to say that we are qualified to tackle complex issues.

DiHeS : Healthcare practitioners, bioinformaticiens and research scientists require accurate tools in order to administer personalized care. The scope is to transfer such tools through a web multiplatform by creating dispersed digital hubs; supporting clinical trials and decisions and analysing large data sets on a floating unit. The diagnostic methods implemented will initiate a new area of R&D developing data basis to be utilized by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and clinical doctors, either for research or for curing patients, thus benefiting the European health care system. The Di.He.S proposal deals with the implementation of a floating health unit with dual purpose mission; firstly to operate on a first level screening of emigrants/refugees in the Eastern Greek Islands, Malta or Italy and possibly other South European areas, thus providing a wide spectrum of data. AI and IoT and Big data analysis advanced technology will support our onboard 3 emblematic diagnostic for Epidemics, Viruses and Cancer diseases (E-V-Cs) facilities. Secondly, to offer prime medical services to local communities. The advantage of deploying vessels as points of care, is the coverage of large geographical areas. This allows selecting important specimens and biopsies from all these areas, being much diversified. The flagship of the innovation will be a web multi-platform, the creation of a first time ever interoperability digital tool supporting the dispersed health structures. This platform will be a repository of data of particular areas. This ship is an excellent way to serve the needs of local societies, advance the technological issues and offer emergency patient care where needed; it can also utilize an isolation ward on board and transport any contaminated person to major hospital for treatment. These services are links to the value chain of every national health system, especially in the postCOVID19 period.

Triton MediFast Ambulances : We design, construct and market multipurpose medical –floating ambulances for sea emergencies, ideal temporary solution to rapidly isolate and transport a person or an item that is thought to be contaminated by infectious particles or diseases before moving them to an isolated area for safe treatment.

Astro.po.s : We also coordinate, project management , risk assess and hold IP rights for research funding proposal and investment to an “e-sextant” – navigation instrument, named Astro.po.s (ASTROPHYSICS POSITION SYSTEM), which gives a constant position utilizing stellar radiation, with γ-ray technology – regardless and independent of any satellites. This cutting-edge technology offers great investment opportunity for any stakeholder as it poses the first breakthrough in position finding as it is satellite-free & untraceable.

We seek cooperation within a consortium responding to calls relating to these subjects; and remain at your disposal for further clarification.