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Business partnerships. Transnational Cooperation. Business Offers. Business Requests. R&D Requests

International and European projects require a European partnership (consortium). Velticon Ltd. can assist you in the identification of the rest of the consortium, by using its own devices and network. We protect your interests and ensure a successful operation and optimum use of your funding. We offer services for Start-Ups.  Our task is to make all partners contact each other in a consortium and build the necessary infrastructure to achieve it.

We promote your project through the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP)  platform and European Investment Bank, looking for investment opportunities in areas such as energy efficiency, transport, healthcare, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure or in financing SMEs.

We rent space for Innovation Labs, rent facilities for Co-working Business, Invest in co-working space! We offer traditional and virtual creative working environments with unique entrepreneurial spirit. Add-on services of Translator / interpreter in the language requested. We offer a complete secretarial Business Call Centre and an incubation, co-working Business space as well.

Velticon Ltd. is a Digital Innovation Hub. (D.I.H.)-Business Planning & Networking. which is one of the important pillars of the Digitizing European Industry strategy.

  • Tax Planning.
  • Securing of VAT number – extending VAT to EU VAT number
  • If establishing staff permanently in Greece – we offer relocation services including housing, suggested school for children, transport and vehicles – clubs and organizations of specific ethnic groups – liaise with specific ethnic authorities.
  • Networking companies with EIC/SMEs funding Opportunities -Networking beneficiaries /Mentoring, Coaching to HORIZON 2020, Leader, Interreg Proposals / Work-Packages Implementation.