R & D

Research and Development

Subcontracting to Research Proposals / Editing of R&D Proposals

When large projects are developed there are a number of sub-contractors involved in all the phases of their progress; most of which require a certain degree of expertise and to which the lead contractor usually has access to. There are certain fields that are extremely sensitive and require highly skilled professionals, related to highly sensitive IT material, and the safety and security of installations, personnel and goods. Velticon Ltd was created with these specific requirements in mind; each member of the network is highly specialized in their field contributing knowledge and experience thus adding value to each project they participate. 

Our cooperation implements best practices for:

  • Design the Architecture, Writing, Integration, Authoring, Elaboration and Submission of proposals for fundraising of investments projects; grants / Research Projects
  • Advisory on Legal, Financial &Administrative aspects of Research Proposals and Projects. Feasibility study
  • Market research on past and present market leaders and related items to the product
  • Risk Analysis
  • Networking & Coaching on Commercialization / Commercial exploitation of research results