Velticon Computational Biodata Model -VCBM-

Velticon-Tetramed Ltd. offers an integrated clinical workstation based on a health informatics web platform, supported by Velticon’s proprietary algorithms.

This is a single entry point into a medical world in which computational tools assist in:

  •  clinical matters (reporting results of tests, allowing direct entry of orders by clinicians, facilitating access to transcribed reports and in some cases supporting telemedicine applications or decision support functions)
  •  administrative and financial topics ( e.g. tracking of patients within a hospital, managing materials and inventory, support personnel functions and managing the payroll )
  •  research (e.g. analysing the outcomes associated with treatments and procedures, performing quality assurance, supporting clinical trials, and implementing various treatment protocols )
  •  scholarly information (e.g. accessing digital libraries, supporting bibliographic search, virtual museums, and providing access to drug information databases and meta data/ data banks), and even office automation.

The key idea is that at the heart of the evolving clinical workstation lies the medical record in a new incarnation: electronic, accessible, confidential, secure, acceptable to clinicians and patients, and integrated with other types of nonpatient–specific information