Big Data Analysis

Economists at Velticon ICT work with large-scale datasets that transform “big data” into information that is useful for business analysis. Our specialized data services ensure that scale does not prevent us from revealing the essential stories the data can tell.

Economic and financial analysis based upon large-scale datasets/ databeses/ medical registries, is a core requirement in complex projects. Velticon ICT has the infrastructure and expertise that enables us to get these datasets up and running on high performance big-data platforms.

Big data may exceed or strain the memory and hard disk capacity of traditional computing platforms, requiring more advanced techniques for storing, manipulating, visualizing, and summarizing such large datasets. Even if the data can fit within the capacity limits of a traditional computing platform, the processing time needed to perform analysis may limit the scope of feasible analysis and the productivity of experts. Using a specialized big data platforms, makes complex analysis of large datasets feasible, timely, and more efficient.


  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare records
  • Auto parts inventory and sale records
  • Life insurance policy and claim records
  • Hedge fund, bond fund, and mutual fund portfolio and trading analysis
  • Geographic tracking of customers, product shipments
  • Retail point-of-sale scanner data