Expert Services

Customized Crisis Management Services.

With reference to our consulting services regarding Innovative Defense Solutions and Crisis Management, these are subject to customization, depending on the particularities expressed and documented in detail by the client. The objective in this case is to bring proportionality and suitability into our palette of services.

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Innovative Defense Solutions.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed and can offer a new Rib (speedboat). Some of its unique capabilities: it is unsinkable, bullet-proof, silent, invisible, inflatable, extremely fast and, most of all, versatile. This boat can adapt to any requirements, to name but a few;

Border Police Special Forces, Special Patrol Units, Special Counter-Terrorist Units, Coast Guard anti-smuggling units, Emergency Medical Services, First Aid, Search and Rescue Units, as well as commercial marine vessels escort and support. Its telecommunication systems as well as the C4I capabilities are state-of-the-art. Authentication and satellite communications are also of cutting-edge innovation, in terms of features and technologies adopted. A smaller version of this craft is developed and will operate as an un-manned remote control vessel. The vessel will also carry state- of-the-art equipment, including as night vision cameras, sonar, and a variety of other effective navigation and surveillance aids. It can be used for silent, invisible surveillance, underground cave exploration, underground lake and / or channel exploration and a score of defense applications.

We proudly announce the provision of services with regard to “Evidence-based Integral Security Concepts for Government Asset Protection”, which is strictly confidential and is to be advised upon request.

Crisis Management

We promote Alert Systems, such as the Smart Phone & Media Evacuation Alert, in order to offer the earliest possible warning for immediate area evacuation in case of an imminent disaster, which would result in saving both property and life.

The Fire Brigade, Civil protection or Forestry Divisions are offered the “Early Warning Alerting System against Fire”, to obtain an immediate alert and response to wood fires receiving at the same time the coordinates. Advanced fire detectors and warning sensors are used, utilizing GPS technology and Wi-Fi long-range camera transmission as well as other high-tech features, in order to alert civil protection and fire-fighting units, while providing the exact coordinates of the fire. This system will improve response time resulting in efficient protection of property, life and the environment.

We advise the Airborne Fire-Fighting Divisions of the Ministry of Defense in converting decommissioned airplanes for fire-fighting, by utilizing new technologies and reverse engineering methods, thus offering a smart and cost-effective solution to manage environmental disaster.
We also offer the “Fire-fighting Refilling Stations” solution, as part of our Innovative Air & Ground Fire-Fighting Technologies. We promote the development of land-based refilling stations for fire fighter planes, which would be essential when adverse weather conditions or long distance from water forbids refilling. As a result, damage to areas where accessibility to water is prohibitive and avoiding environmental hazard, is immensely reduced.