ICT Design Consulting

Smart corporates are using Big – Data analysis, IoT, Cloud Storage Systems, and mobile apps to collect real-time data, analyze it and feed it to employees, who can respond immediately.

Companies that neglect these tools could find themselves at a disadvantage.

First smartphones and tablets transformed the consumer world. Then the Internet of Things (IoT) disrupted the corporate space by putting physical objects, from houses to heart monitors, online. Now we, at Velticon ICT, are trying to bring the two technologies together mainly by the use of Big Data analysis and enterprise mobile applications. Deployed internally within a company these tools overhaul business processes by leveraging Big Data and making its insights accessible- and actionable- anyware and in real time. As the gap between trailblazers and laggards grows, firms that are not keeping pace will have to catch up quickly or get left behind forever.

The objective of Velticon ICT’s Design and Consulting is to assist our customers in efficiently planning, integrating and operating critical Network & Telecommunications facilities, as well as in establishing Primary and Secondary (Disaster Recovery) Data Centers.

Offered services include the establishment of an IT Governance Plan, IT Project Management, Network & Telecommunications Design, Virtualization, Data Warehouse solutions, Data Backup and Replication Systems, as well as Logging and Monitoring.

Our services help organizations identify new efficiencies and enhance productivity.